New Year, New Venture, New Mission

You are the change #PTNation.
I've had some really deep conversations this week with who I think are prominent members of the #PTNation.
New IE CPT codes 2017. Why?
Same pay this year but what does it mean for next year.
I understand our value but honestly do we sell our value well to others?
My latest book is "To Sell is Human" by Daniel Pink
He directly sites PT in selling our patients on what we can do.

Here is my challenge to you #PTNation as we start a new year.
Sell to yourself your value.
First we must STOP undervaluing the immense care, support and outcomes we produce for current short dollars in healthcare.
We are worth more and need to STOP getting paid less by third party payers each year.

Comment here on your value.

The PT in DEBT?

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